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About Us

For over 45 years we have serviced the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Originally we were selling and servicing pianos only.  In 1973 we placed our first order of musical instruments and accessories and soon became a full-line combo instrument store which included pianos and organs as well as guitars, keyboards, drums, P.A. systems and all related accessories.
Above is pictured the original location on Buckner in Dallas.  From there we opened a store on Garland Rd in Garland and for a number of years both stores were operational.  Then we added a mail order division and doubled our business within 2 years.  After a few years the business climate began to change with the advent of national chains and we made the decision to close our operations in 2003. 
I have reverted back to my first love which is pianos.  I am now tuning and servicing pianos using the latest software and technology.  Throughout the many years of operations I have made many friends whom I would like to thank for your patronage and loyalty to the business.  Keep me in mind if you need a used piano or piano service such as tuning or repair, give me a call at my old store number: 972-272-1700 or contact me by clicking on the "contact us"  tab at the left and e-mailing me. 
Thanks, Bob Speir

Below is a picture of the old Garland store. 

                PIANO TUNING AT ITS BEST
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